Wild Wednesday: That Cottonpickin' R

I have two 5th-graders working on /r/. In my district, elementary stops at 5th grade, so I would like to dismiss the two students before 6th grade and middle school. I've been asking the students to give me feedback on how they think they sound. Here's a conversation with one:

Student #1: The pecan tree is the state tree.
Me: How did your /r/ sound?
Student #1: Uh....uh.... good?
(next turn for Student #1): Cotton is the Texas state fiber and fabric.
Me: How did your /r/ sound?
Student #1, very enthusiastically: It sounded great in cotton!

It's nice to start the day with a laugh!

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  1. So...any tips for working on /r/?

    1. One of the reasons I became an SLP was because I went to speech therapy when I was younger, and /r/ was the last sound I worked on in 5th grade. My tips are to get a big bag of tricks and try everything to see what works! I've used Pam Marshalla's techniques, tongue depressors, laying down to force the tongue back, and minimal pairs among others. /r/ is just tough, isn't it?


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