Friday Faves From All Y'all Need

From Amy
The return of the Duck Dynasty!   Loved Si's storytelling on the premier.   Si says, "You need a beginning, middle and an end.   This thing ain't got no fast-forward on it."   And, Jep wants to play X-box on the camp-out!
The return of Starburst jellybeans.   They show up every year about this time.   I call it yum, yum time. 

From Laura
I'm cheap, but I splurged on two things this week. First, I upgraded on Picmonkey. So worth it! I don't have to worry about what I can and can't use. Lovin' it so far!
I have tried substituting vanilla bean paste in two cookie recipes now. While the change is subtle, the paste brings out a more vanilla flavor. Little flecks add a bit of texture. The bottle is expensive, $8 at HEB, but I like it!
From Lisa
Someone was selling Origami Owl Charm necklaces at our school this week. As soon as they mentioned jewelry, I was in teacher lounge placing my order. Afterwards, I had a little “I can’t believe I just bought another piece of jewelry!” moment. (I tend to have those quite often)  When I got home, I went online to check out what I had just ordered. Now, I’m so happy I purchased a necklace! The founder of the company is a 16 year-old girl. She started the company when she was 14! After reading her story, I’m a complete fan of Origami Owl and highly recommend it. I will post pictures as soon as my charm necklace comes in!
As much as I love my precious kinder babies, I hardly have any time to read during the school year. Therefore, my reading list has grown quite a bit. I’m also really bad about seeing upcoming movie trailers and wanting to read the book as soon as I see “based on the novel”. My reading list has consisted of Safe Haven, Silver Linings Playbook, rereading The Great Gatsby, and Beautiful Creatures. I have just finished reading book one and two of the Beautiful Creatures series. I highly recommend it! The books are southern, very well written, and depict small town life to a tee. So far, I love what I’ve read and will continue the series! As much as I love reading books that adapted into movies, I don’t think I’ll be taking on Les Miserables any time soon. I’ll just sit back and watch the musical instead. :)

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  1. Thanks for your super sweet comments to me!!! I read Les Mis in Jr High or HS. Loved it, but don't want to read it again anytime soon. I do, however, have the entire musical memorized and could tell instantly during the movie when they had changed some of the lyrics!

    I'm considering upgrading in PicMonkey. I loved it when it was ALL free. Now I have to decide if it's worth the expense. ;)

  2. You're welcome! It's a wonderful product!

  3. Ooooh, vanilla bean paste? I've never heard of that, but I think I'm in love!

  4. I am a HUGE Duck Dynasty fan!! I was in stitches last Wednesday night and can't wait until this Wednesday. Nour school secretary and I are always quoting something from them when we see each other. It helps make the day go a little nicer sometimes. Right before the premiere came on I texted her and said "now we're cooking in peanut oil."

    1. Even the reruns make me laugh! The three of us have Duck Dynasty names for each other!

  5. I think my reading list doubles every time I finish a book that is on it!

    I decided several years ago to stop reading nicholosnsparks books even though I loved them. They were exhausting me emotionally as I cried hysterically as I read. I do make it a point to see the movie, at least the crying is kept to a contained time span :)

    1. My teen daughter says they are so predictable, but I always end up crying, too!


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