Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: March 15

From Amy:
I am only about comfort with my shoes.   So, how about these new fitflops?   I had admired Lisa's fitflops and now I have my own.   I'm so pleased with my Spring Break purchase.   I'm not sharing how many fitflops Lisa owns.   But she did buy identical ones in purple when I purchased these black cuties.
And who doesn't love gifts?   Not me!    And when the gifts are from someone you love, it is even better, am I right?    Here is my new purse from Lisa & my sweet aunt Billie.   And check out my new chevron water glass for spring.   I can't wait to wear my new shades on Friday fun days at school.   I know some little sweeties who will love them.

From Laura: I can't wait to try this recipe for White Chocolate M&M Cookies! Don't they look delicious and all spring-like? I think it's a good Spring Break activity for next week when I am off and Amy and Lisa are back at school! Find the guest post from Melissa at No. 2 pencils on tatertots&jello.
To paraphrase Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty: "I don't like hunting. I like pedicures." Yep, I can totally relate to that, and I've never even been hunting!

From Lisa, who is breaking the rules with three favorites instead of two, but the Baby Club makes its own rules:
Friday Fave #1 Spring Shoes
Hello, fellow shoe fanatics! I know many of you are excited about wearing adorable Spring sandals. During Spring Break, I stocked up on many shoes that my kinderbabies will approve. (I have a tough crowd when it comes to fashion) Here are a few purchases I have made this week. Now, I just need to go back to school so I won’t be tempted to buy anything else!

Friday Fave #2:  Family time

At the beginning of the week, my Mom and I met Amy and Laura in Dallas. It was a whirlwind of a trip! We spoke at TSHA that morning. AllY’all Need had a blast sharing ideas and meeting fellow educators. Afterwards, we went SHOPPING and made time for some R&R at the Omni. The Baby Club decided we could get used to that. J

Friday Fave #3: Shopping
After going to Dallas, we headed to Austin and went shopping again. I have to admit that I got a little carried away with my “magic card.” (Fellow Confessions of a Shopaholic fans know exactly what I’m talking about.) I promise I needed everything I bought! J

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