Thursday Therapy: Texas, Speech Buddy Blog and almost Spring Break!

Unlike the rest of the world, our district is in school this week. But I will be taking full advantage of Spring Break next week! My lessons continue to center around Texas because we are celebrating Public Schools Week. Here's a shot of some of the materials from All Y'all Need's Texas Two Step unit.
On another note, did you know that Speech Buddies has a blog? I certainly didn't. I know what Speech Buddies are. A grad student introduced me to them last fall. Well, she introduced me to the idea and the website. I'm a public school SLP, I don't have unlimited funds, and I haven't been lucky enough to win any giveaways for Speech Buddies. So I continue to wish, dream, and drool over them.

Well, if you go to the very bottom of the website and down to the tiny print, there is a blog! Just go to the home page and scroll way, way down until you see:
Here's an idea of where the blog button is located:

Take a look at the entries. The March 12 entry is about AT. That's an area I am always needing to know more about. The March 11 entry is about stuttering in children with Downs. Years ago, before the Internet, I had a student with Downs, and she began stuttering in 1st grade. All I could find at the time was a sourcebook that said that stuttering does co-occur with Downs. This one entry provides me with information I wish I had access to way back when. And the March 7 entry is a touching and inspiring story that you should really check out. Here's a picture:
While I haven't looked at everything, I am impressed with the information I've seen so far. Therapy techniques, inspiration, practical information... what's not to like? I hope you check out this hidden gem! And if you need more SLP-related blogs, find some at my Pinboard.

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  1. I read the story of the two boys a few weeks ago. What an inspiring story!!



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