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This week was all about Fire Safety with K-2nd.
Above are some of my favorites to read aloud when we study fire safety.
But to mix things up, I added two new books to our topic.
The sweeties gave their stamp of approval.
We finished up by practicing calling 911 and naming a meeting place for our families.
Here is a freebie for Fire Safety words that your sweeties can alphabetize.

Monday night on Dancing With the Stars we saw The Carlton dance!
It was fantastic!
So many good memories of the The Fresh Prince.

Are you a Chuy's fan?   Raise your hand.   
I am raising both hands.
I had Chuy's delicious Tex-Mex food this week.
If you have not had Chuy's this week, this is your reminder.
Always ask for the creamy jalapeño dip.
This is the kind of week when spiders can make a top 5 list.
Educlips has these freebies in her TpT store and on her website.
These bright, friendly spiders are so cute.
Congratulations to Peter Sis.
He is being honored with the Mazza Medallion from the Mazza Museum.
The Mazza Museum is an incredible place.
It celebrates illustrations in children's books.
It is part of the University of Findlay.
I was lucky enough to attend a summer conference a few years ago at the Mazza.

I had the honor of hearing Peter Sis give a speech.
The entire room was spellbound.
Of course, the entire room was women who loved his accent.
And he does have an incredible accent and beautiful blue eyes.

Mr. Sis spoke of growing up in a Communist country.
He spoke passionately about protecting art and artistic freedoms.
His father worked as a filmmaker.
His mother was an artist.
Not exactly ideal jobs in a time of artistic repression.
In 2012, Mr. Sis was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award.
Congratulations on the Mazza Medallion in 2014.

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