Five for Friday Linky Party.... On Saturday


Morning Duty, Parent Conferences, Paul McCartney Concert, and Bicycle Rodeo....OH MY!

This week has been all kinds of crazy! Therefore, I'm just now getting my Five For Fridays done on Saturday. 

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ABC Football 

This week, I played Kickin' It In Kindergarten's ABC Football with my class. They absolutely LOVED IT!!! (Especially the touch down dance) Elizabeth Hall is absolutely precious and I'm so glad that she shared this fabulous idea! You can check out her blog post here: ABC Football
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Erin Condren Notebook

I use my EC notebook daily. I don't leave home without it!

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I absolutely love ESGI! It helps me tremendously with data, testing, etc.... I absolutely love the Parent Conferencer tab. I plug in my class list, set up conference times and viola! I can download parent conference note, reminders, my conference schedule, etc... My school's subscription ends in January and have chosen to not renew. I honestly don't know what I'll do without it. :(

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Number Construction Kits

My kinder kiddos love constructing numbers. They are a fantastic math station. You can find the number and alphabet construction kits at learning resources. 

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Paul McCartney Concert

This week, I attended the Paul McCartney concert! It was amazing!!! Paul played for over 3 hours without a break! He played the piano, ukulele, and multiple guitars. He is an incredible musician!  His set list consisted of 40 songs. He also played a tribute to Buddy Holly and The Crickets since he was in Lubbock. The concert was truly a "bucket list" experience. :) 

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