Speech Therapy-Winter: Valentine's Activities

The Pin: From Kabubble.

                                                Source: kabubble.com via Laura on Pinterest

These are artistic Valentine people. But what caught my eye is that my school's die-cut heart is a frame and a solid. Cutting out a few die-cut hearts and paper slips would be fairly easy. I love easy set-ups.

The Good: Besides the simple supplies, my grad student and I were able to do this activity with K-5th and Functional Academics, so it is easy to adapt to different IEP goals. There are lots of artic words, and for language, there is sequencing, vocabulary, answering questions, and following directions.

Here is the take-off of a glyph I made using BoardMaker. The students answered questions based on their IEP objectives to put together the heart people. For example, a student working on /r/ might have to work on the /r/ in "purple". A student working on initial sounds would have to say /p/ for "purple". Language students working on sequencing would say, "First, I need..". The possibilities are endless.

The color of the border is the color of the body part the students got. For the hands and feet, they used a heart punch, and we drew on eyes with crayons. That just matched the glyph. Googly eyes would be very cute. And I promise that if I knew how, I would have uploaded this so it could be printed off.

Here are the heart people examples:

The heart person on the left likes pink, likes New Year's Day, wants flowers, has a boyfriend, and wants a box of candy. The one on the right likes purple, another holiday (like July 4th), wants candy, doesn't have a boyfriend, and likes gum.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing.

Summary: Easy, flexible activity for Valentine's Day.

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