Deep In My Heart: HEB Flour Tortillas

The Pin: Warm flour tortillas from HEB. Here is my exchange today with the cashier, obviously a nice guy but a newbie.

Cashier: How did you get the flour tortillas warm?
Me: They are the tortillas from the warmers.
Cashier: Really? We have those? Are the tortillas good?
Me: Yes.
Cashier: Can you just pull them out and eat them?
Me: Yes, that's what we do.
Cashier: I may have to go get some.
Me: There are also other flavors, but they aren't warm.
Cashier: Really?
Me: Yes, Southwest, butter, wheat...

Is this conversation backwards to anyone else? I mean, I've never worked at HEB, but I do know their products!

The Good: We go through HEB flour tortillas like candy.

The Bad: They are basically just flour and carbs.

Summary: We can't quit buying them!

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