Speech Therapy: How I Keep Data

For the past 5 years, I've been a supervisor for wonderful licensed assistants. This year, I am doing therapy again. I couldn't find a high-tech way of keeping data, so I went back to my very low-tech way.

The basis is the Logbook from Super Duper. What I like about the Logbook is the size of the spaces. They are big enough for me to write in and write progress reports without flipping a lot of pages. And come to think of it, that is exactly what I want from my session notes and data - to help me be more efficient in writing progress reports and reporting information to ARD Committees.

What I don't like about the Logbook is that there is a LOT of information to fill out if you use the whole book. So, I don't. I will warn you that this takes time to set up and keep up, but I feel that it's worth it.

At the beginning of the year, after groups are scheduled, I write each student's objectives on a page and number them. Even if I've worked with the student for a while, this is a good way to review what they are working on and get ready for the new year. This is a kindergarten group:
And yes, I use a very sophisticated paper clip. The paper clip allows me to switch out pages easier than staples, and I can flip paper clips to easily get to the next group. This also means that I have to update each group after annual ARDs. The alternative for me is printing out pages of IEP goals and objectives that are not as condensed.

On the other side of the objectives, I keep the data for the sessions. In the Feb. 7 session, we played a HEARTS game from Speaking of Speech. Here is where I messed up. CC is actually working on #5, VC words, not #3. Here, he named all the words except for "oat", which I have room to document. It was also his first mastery session, so he gets a circled #1. Student AA is working on /l/ and /l/ blends. He only needs 4 of 5 trials, but he was on a roll, so we did a few extra, and he got 10/10 and a circled #1 for the first mastered session. Student BB is working on /s/ blends, and his objective doesn't specify with cues or not, so I made sure to notate that he imitated these words.

In the next session on Feb. 9, BB was 10 minutes late because he was doing hearing and vision screenings with the school nurse, so I just added a little note in the top right corner. For this session, we made Heart People. In addition to "oat", CC didn't produce arm, ant and up, so he's no longer at mastery criteria for this objective. Student AA had mastery session #2 for /l/ initial, and I added in some /l/ final words. Student BB was able to imitate at mastery criteria, so I made a note to myself to push him more the next time.
On Feb. 14, I didn't see this group because they all had Valentine parties. 
I'm still open to using data collection on my iPad. For now though, this system is easy for me to glance at each student's objectives and collect data quickly.

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