Talking About Spring Blogger Meet Up

Our fun Spring Meet Up hostesses did an incredible job putting together the
Spring Blogger Meet Up.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you Brittany and Holly!
We went to Indiana's French Lick Resort.
The hallway?   Yep, we know what you are thinking.
(hint:  it's a Jack Nicholson movie)
The lobby was a top-notch hangout for teachers.
It was so pretty, comfy and great for 
hanging out before events.
Especially if you need to follow someone because you get lost
very easily in big places (or small places)....that would be me.
Teacher Swag like no other!
Erin Condren beautiful and oh-so-useful planner!  Major score.   Thank you, Erin.
Go Noodle co-sponsored the PJ party and gave everyone lanyards.   Thank you!
Scentos markers, gel pins and stickers!   Whoo hoo!
Vera Bradley sent the perfect shopping tote for everyone!  Love, love, love!
Lakeshore Learning sent teacher bags....yes, for everyone!  Thank you!
Thank you, Teachers Pay Teachers for co-sponsoring the Saturday night
PJ Party.
Y'all know we love us our Team TpT!
Say what?
Oh yes!
We captured the moment with some of our friends.
Keep reading.
Seriously, you will want to read to the very end of this post.
Keep going to the very end.
Inspiration overload this weekend!
It was so fun to meet some of the Elementary Entourage girls.
We love and adore them!
We were certainly inspired by Jessica, Brittany and Melissa.
Dang, they are young.   I really think I could be their mother.
So, thanks for letting me hang out with the young crowd, ladies.
Check out their blogs and Instagrams.
You will love their enthusiasm and personalities right away.
We meet more friends.  Yay!
Dana is so talented and friendly.   Her blog is Common to the Core.
Our sparkly friend with the beautiful smile can be found 
at Simpson's Superstars.   She is quite hysterical!
The Glitter Girls from Mississippi are way, way, way FUN!!!
And we are super excited Suz won the SDE National Conference gift certificate!
We are already looking forward to seeing these friends in July.
You know we were happy to see our Texas friends Carmen and Julie.
Texans in Indiana?
I like it!
 The Teacher Blogger PJ Party was fabulous!
Thank you, Go Noodle and Teachers Pay Teachers!
We loved the photo booth at the PJ Party.
Here we are joking around with two talented and lovely ladies.
Y'all know and love Megan already from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade.
Annie from Ride Away with Mrs. Ridgway is so stinkin' cute.
She's teaching and planning her upcoming wedding.
It is simply impossible not to have a blast when
Thank you Brenda at Primary Inspired for hosting the linky party!
Here is your chance to find out all about the weekend!  

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