5 for Friday: March 6

Today we are linking up with the talented Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching.

This week, most of the country celebrated Read Across America.
We are torn about that week in Texas. Because March 2 is both Dr. Seuss's birthday AND Texas Independence Day. We just try to cram in everything, so it's busy!
One licensed assistant worked on artic and language through nonsense words with There's A Wocket in My Pocket. She adapted an activity from Fun in First.
FA students read Are You My Mother? and matched baby and momma animals with this activity from tot schooling.

She also used activities from our unit Texas Two Step.
First up was Fact and Opinion. She set it up like a game board. 
Our language-disordered students really struggle with facts and opinions.
Artic students get to read  out loud to practice their sounds.
Fluency students practice easy speech while reading.
Reading with speech/language skills in groups. It's a win-win.
 Here, the feeling word is highlighted to stress it's an opinion.

She also made sheets for the students to display for Public Schools Week. These are a few of my favorites.
And yes, we start 'em out young with Texas pride!

This student thinks Ms. P is the best speech teacher ever!
 This student emphasizes the size of Texas in her writing and drawing.
 And this one thinks Texas looks like a jet but is awesome anyway.

She also used Got Texas? Not in Texas?

The places are fun for students to look up, and the activity lead to instant speech/language homework!
Just underline the speech sounds for practice.
Or have students using the sentences at home. "The Alamo is in Texas" or "The Eiffel Tower is not in Texas".
Yeah, it's pretty much a state requirement to put The Alamo on everything.

My other licensed assistant also used Texas Two Step. This activity involves students placing state symbols into the appropriate pockets.
Some are pretty easy. Texas's nickname is The Lone Star State.
But did you know we have state mammals? The small mammal is the armadillo, the large mammal is the longhorn, and the flying mammal is the Mexican free-tailed bat.
Students have to listen to descriptions, categorize, and use language and articulation and fluency strategies. It's fun, and it supports TEKS.
TEKS is full of Texas pride.
We had a winter weather advisory on Wednesday. And here, just the threat of bad weather is enough to cause delays and closings. Luckily, my district just had a delay. Austin-area schools south of me canceled the whole day. You can have a chuckle at #IceDayFail.

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