Five for Friday for Nov. 28

We are linking with the very talented Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Thanks to my sister Amy, my students practiced speech/language/fluency skills with Thanksgiving Informative Reader's Theater.
 Thanksgiving Informative Reader's Theater from All Y'all Need
And talked turkey about facts and opinions:
 Totally Rockin' Turkeys by All Y'all Need

I got to the point where I wasn't just stuffed, I hated myself, thanks to Pioneer Woman and an unexplained cooking frenzy on my part.

I love to have music playing in the background. Songza is hitting the spot!

Starting Monday, BOTH of my schools are doing reindeer games EVERY DAY until December 19th! How fun is that?!? Every day holds a new surprise - like a bonus jeans day, hot chocolate day, candy day, exchange-a-mug day, and of course, ugly sweater day. 
And speaking of reindeer, I'll be prepping Amy's newest Facts & Opinions this week. I have a wonderful sister!
 Reindeer Facts & Opinions by All Y'all Need

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