Wild Wednesday: 125 Dozen Cookies!

Lisa's brother is getting married this weekend. He requested his mom's cookies for the groom's table. My aunt is a great cook and does not like for anyone to go hungry, so Lisa and her mom have been baking. And because 75 dozen cookies weren't enough, they made more. And more. And then an aunt contributed 300 more! I think that's about 7.3 cookies per guest. Here are a few of the cookies:

 The dough with Sonic cups in the background:
Lisa made the cookie jars. Aren't they darling?
Lisa and her mom have been so busy that someone was feeling a little left out:
And yes, that's probably a different Sonic cup!

Here are some links to cookie recipes:
Amish Sugar Cookies
Kitchen sink
Peanut butter
Chocolate chip

And that's the way the cookie crumbles on this Wednesday! What's your favorite cookie?

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