All Y'all Need on TpT: Cinco de Mayo!

Are you ready to fiesta this week? Cinco de Mayo may have started out as a celebration of an 1862 war victory in Mexico, but it's evolved into a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. It's a big deal here in Texas.

All Y'all Need has an Ask Away Activity just for the day. Fiesta Fun is part of our What a Wonderful World packet.

The templates can be trimmed to slide into the plastic grids for Guess Who? If you have 1-2 students, this is doable.

Since most of my groups involve more than 2 students, I usually print out 6 copies. My biggest groups have 5, so that's one copy per student plus 1 for me. I put them into plastic sheet protectors and give the students dry-erase markers (a big hit!). A tissue works very well as an eraser. I love simple setups! To start, I think of a picture and ask the students to ask me yes/no questions.

For Kg-2, we cross out items together. For example, if a student asks, "Does it make music?" and I respond with, "No", we would talk about what can be crossed off. Naming the pictures targets labeling,  artic sounds, and being able to extend yes/no questions. It can be very difficult for some of my students to understand. They hear "music" and want to cross off everything else. Or they get on a roll and cross off everything.

3-5 students usually know how to play, so each student takes turns answering the questions. Mostly, these groups work on artic sounds in questions (sentences) and using language to ask the questions.

I hope you have a buena semana!

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