Thursday Therapy: Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Warning: This post is full of extremes. Proceed with caution.

This weekend was wonderful! My husband and I took a quick celebration trip to DisneyWorld, and I got to celebrate my birthday at Magic Kingdom! I took off Monday. Even though I had planned for the rest of this week, I still felt a little off.

In therapy, we've been playing at Park Place. I supplemented with a Treats Picnic open-ended game (not available any more). Next week will finally be Fortunately. Hopefully. But instead of talking about therapy, I'm going to discuss feelings.

Today involved mood swings from several of my students, all boys surprisingly. During the 11:30 Kg group, we played Rhyme Time. The point was to finish the stack so everyone could get a smellie. One of the students was unhappy because he hadn't gotten to see his reading teacher earlier, and then he thought he was losing this game, even though I had turned it into a cooperative game.

I went to see the 1:30 1st grade group. Their teacher had just pulled up an app on the smartboard to sort sounds, and they were going to take turns playing. Two of the students were fine, and one was upset.

Then during the 2:00 4th grade group, one student kept wanting to read a book during a turn-taking game. I love reading. I don't want to squelch reading skills. But I only have him for a short time, and he is capable of participating in the group. I gave him the option of reading the /s/ cards while he was waiting and thinking of sentences. He didn't want to, and the tears appeared.

But another 1st-grader gave me a big hug and told me he loved me, and yet another 1st-grader asked for a hug.

If you're still reading my pity party, to add to everything, I have a bad case of resisting the "It's Onlys". Do you know those? None of them are too bad in and of themselves, but together, they add up. Here are the "It's Onlys" I have going on right now:
* The budget is gone for copy paper, and we have to carry the paper to the copier but IT'S ONLY till the end of the year.
* There's also no paper in the network printers, so they need paper too, but IT'S ONLY until the end of the year.
* Our data management system has not made promised updates but IT'S ONLY until the end of the year that we have to deal with it. Maybe. Maybe not.
* We have to make sure Indicator 7 is filled out correctly, but IT'S ONLY for a few students.
* We got reminders about Medicaid billing today, but IT'S ONLY for a few students.

Do you have any of these going on? I feel like I have just a terrible attitude, and I want to go work at Disney. I think this happens every spring when the time crunch starts on many different areas. I love my job. I love my students. I need to give myself an attitude adjustment, and hopefully this post will do it. Thanks for reading. Tomorrow's a new day.

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