Origami Owl: An Extension of Friday Faves

When my cousin Lisa sent me a picture of an Origami Owl locket a couple of months ago, I instantly fell in love. I had never heard of the jewelry before that. One of my friends recently became a designer, and now that I've seen everything in person, I want it all! Here is my wish list so far.

My first locket will center around family and have our birthstones:
I also made a board for loving life:
The sand dollar represents our annual trip to the beach, and Jim's mother collected sand dollars. The bone is for our dog, the ribbon for my recent breast cancer journey, books, and the seemingly opposites of chocolate and Diet Coke.

Here is a speech therapist wishlist:
One of the new charms is red lips, so that will definitely have to be a part of the necklace. I've included the sign language for I Love You, a laptop and a gear for working, an autism heart, the SLP initials, and red and white stones, my school's colors.

I really like how the lockets are magnetized and the charms will be able to trade out easily. I have a lot more inspiration to gather, but check out the start of my Pinterest board here. Of course, it has Disney stuff. And if you have a locket, I'd love to see it!

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