Tuesday Talk:  Books We are Reading This Week

It’s me, Amy.

Just wondering what you are reading this week?

First up in the library, it’s Earth Day.   Nonfiction and fiction titles will be read:

Add a few fairy tales, such as The Frog Prince.  I love sharing all the different versions.  

The kids love to retell the story with me on the simpler versions, after I have read the story aloud.    I like to point out the different illustration styles, as well.
And who could forget the classic by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith?   

Also making an appearance this week is a hard working hen.   None other than Little Red Hen will be trying to get her point across this week.   She is a favorite.   The kids have their own opinions about whether the Little Red Hen should share her bread/cake with the other animals in the stories.   Just a hint, most of them are not in favor of sharing the good stuff with the lazy friends :-)

For a spin of the traditional Little Red Hen, there’s always: this one.    Is there ever a bad time for pizza??????
Just FYI.   Today's weather was gorgeous!   I can't imagine celebrating Earth Day in the snow!  

I hope you have a fabulous week filled with books and more books,

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