Tuesday Talk: School Library Month!

It’s Amy quacking today.   Announcement:    April is School Library Month

I know I am truly tooting my own horn or quacking to my own song.   I am very proud to be a school librarian.   I am so lucky that everyday I get to serve my community.    But, who would argue with Mo Willems?   Love him!

My ultimate goal, that underlines everything I do, is to make sure I do everything I can to get students to be lifelong library users.   I want each of my students to have such terrific memories of being at the school library, that they encourage their own children to read, check out books, and take their own children to the public library.    

I want the path of literacy to be smooth.   I want to do everything I can to get students to love their time in the library with me.   I love my job.   I am grateful for it each day.

Here are a couple of products we have in our TpT Store if you want to show a little appreciation to your own librarian, or brighten up your own classroom libraries:
Here is a video of 5 authors who tell why they they love their school libraries.   Watch & enjoy:

Hope you all have a quackin', rockin' week,

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