April 2013 SLP Link Up

March's link up was pretty successful! I was hoping for 10 entries, and there were 16! I enjoyed learning about existing blogger friends and meeting new ones! So let's do it again!
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I learned a couple of things from the March link up. First, I took a screenshot of my image too early. The text box outline was showing. How embarrassing! Kind of like underwear hanging out... Second, I'm amending the rules just a little. Pretty much everyone plays nice, so I'm taking that one out. For now. Don't make me put it back in! Also, make sure to check back to comment on others' blogs. I think we did a pretty good job of that, it's just a reminder.

1) Give credit where credit is due - fonts, links to original ideas, TPT/TN stores, blogs, etc.
2) You can mention your own items, but if you do that, please put in items from someone else. The purpose of the link up is networking.
3) After submitting your link, visit and comment on the two blogs before you and the two blogs after. If you're the first, second, or last link, just make sure to comment on 4 blogs. You get the idea.

Directions on how to add text to the image are in this post. But you don't have to add text on the image. Just include the image and write about SLP below the image.

Here is my April SLP:
State of Mind - Right now, I feel torn between my school and my Special Ed department. I feel like I am very much a part of both, and I love that. My school wants me to do everything - duty, state testing, RtI meetings, etc. My Sp Ed duties include everything y'all are doing - therapy, evals, progress reports, IEP meetings (we call them ARDs here), Medicaid billing... Neither one is unreasonable. Together, though? I'm feeling like it's a lot. But maybe that's just because it's spring.

Loving - my husband. He's always wonderful, but he was with me every step of my medical journey. He had a birthday in the fall but didn't want to celebrate. Instead, we are going to celebrate both of our birthdays on an upcoming weekend trip! His idea!

Prepping - I don't have anything specific, but I need to look at activities for idioms. As my students move towards the end of the year, they have mastered some of their objectives, and now we are heading towards more abstract language concepts. 

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