Thursday Therapy: STAAR Week

It has been a big testing week in Texas elementaries this week with 3rd, 4th and 5th grades all taking the STAAR. Luckily, my principals know that I have to make up any speech therapy sessions I miss,so they use me as a last resort. I helped out with 3rd grade reading.

The whole week was full of quiet halls, schedule changes, and changes in weather. I don't know if there was a full moon or not, but it sure seemed like it! Several groups didn't get smellies because they talked too much and didn't finish the game. In the 3-5 Functional Academics class, the aides got the smellies! And then I still got a goodbye hug from most of the students. Go figure.

It's been a hodge-podge week with no clear theme. I blended old and new activities. Monday and Tuesday were devoted to Earth Day, and the Ask Away Activity went over well. Yesterday's groups worked on Sentence Scrambles from Fortunately. Today's groups played Creepy Crawly Bingo. I could have sworn it's from Speaking of Speech, but I can't find it on the site.

Totes TGIF!!! (Did I use that right? Probably not.)

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