Friday Faves: April 27

From Amy:
First off,  me and the little sweeties celebrated Earth Day with Little Red's Earth Day Fun Craftivity.  Oh my, the sweeties were all about making the Earth a better place.    I love the the accents these two sweeties put on their Earth faces & papers.   First grade girls know how to make some serious eyelashes, and they were lovin' the free access to markers!

Then today was the bomb-dot-com.   The little Kinder sweeties got to make their own home libraries.   We have been working nose-to-the-grindstone all year in RTI groups.   Today, they designed their own libraries.   They got to take home ALL their leveled readers, their journals, and a fancy pencil.    There was not a whine, complaint or sigh anywhere in the room.   The sweeties got down to serious business decorating their boxes.   And when they found out they got to take their journals home AND all their readers.....the smiles were contagious.    Ok, I admit it was a three-tissue moment for me.....sniff, sniff.

From Laura:

#1 - Songza

I like to have a little background music when I write reports and do paperwork. Our school website blocks most music sites, but Songza is still on the approved list.

Just go to the Music Concierge and choose a playlist depending on your mood. I usually go for Bright & Happy Pop or Energy Boost. I'm reliving Amy's 80's days by listening to Big Hair 80's right now. My 80's were more pop, but Big Hair Bands sounded like a good thing. My daughter asked me just what I was listening to when Talk Dirty to Me came on! Oh my, I remember the music more than the lyrics to most songs.

#2 - Local News
Temple Daily Telegram, KXXV, KCEN and KWTX

All of these have done a wonderful job of covering the tragedy in West, Texas, which is an hour north of me. It's been a nice blend of news, compassion, and community.

From Lisa:
#1 - The Band Perry: Pioneer

This week, I've been listening to The Band Perry's new cd. It's called Pioneer, and I absolutely love it!

#2 - Classroom Break Dance!

I came across Koo Koo Kangaroo on Pinterest, and they have been a lifesaver! My kids absolutely love dancing to their songs. The dances have been a staple in our daily routine. Our class faces include Dinosaur Stomp, Awesome Rainbows and No Crust. Whatever grade you teach, your kids will have a blast dancing to these hilarious songs! They are great for brain breaks.

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