All Y'all Need on TpT: An Earth Day {Freebie}!

Are you ready for Earth Day? It's coming up on April 22! All Y'all Need has a freebie for you.

The freebie is for K-2 and focuses on alphabetizing. I plan on using it in speech therapy with some of these ideas:
* discuss vocabulary - what does it mean? personally? to your house? community? school? the world?
* have students illustrate the vocabulary words
* work with individual students within a group. While students are writing, I can go from student to student and have them practice the words with their artic sounds.
* have students make a sentence with the words
* practice easy speech and easy onset on appropriate words
* send home for communication with parents about what their child did in speech

Any more ideas? Grab the Earth Day {Freebie} here, and we would really appreciate feedback!

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