Tangled Tuesday: Social Skills

I've been enjoying the Tangled Tuesdays from Major Speech Pathology Fun with a Side of Gluten Free. It's a great way to see new products and to see how other SLPs use them. When I contacted Amy about participating, I was excited when she offered to share What You Do or Say? Social Skills.

Social Skills is an ever-growing need with my students, and even more so this time of the year. Even my groups that usually follow rules are running in the hallway to be the first one in the room, interrupting... and well, that's May, isn't it?

Onto the product. It's pretty simple. One instruction page. Not a lot of color ink required. Perfect for those times when the ink for the color printer has been on backorder for 3 weeks. But don't mistake simple for not effective!

Each student gets to be a judge with Yes/No cards. These were a big hit!
Listening and judging answers was great for keeping the students engaged! It also helped with expressive language because students have to justify why they are voting a certain way.

Each student takes a turn answering a question about a social situation. Cards are worth either 1 or 2 points.
There were some cards that were pretty appropriate for certain students. It's like Amy stepped into my school when she created these!
Other cards are appropriate for secondary students.
To summarize, there were a LOT of things I liked about Social Skills:
1) Easy to print out and make
2) Social Skills are always good targets!
3) The game can be used to hit many other objectives. Artic and fluency can be addressed by having students read the cards, receptive language by listening to the situation and answers, and expressive language by having the students tell why they are voting yes/no
4) At only $3, this is a wonderful addition to your therapy bag! AND, Amy is participating in the big TpT sale today and tomorrow, so this would be the perfect time to grab a great deal!

Thanks to Amy for letting me be a part of Tangled Tuesday!

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