Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: May 17

From Amy:
#1  Don't you just love a sale?   I am loving one that is good for my serious clip art addiction.
Head over to the creative Sonya Dehart's site for a $1 sale until Monday.   Don't miss it.   I went shopping last night.

#2  Today will be a fun day.    My dad is coming up to do magic show with the sweeties!   He is generous with his time and talent.   He will be doing a little magic for 2nd grade and kindergarten (the rowdy bunch).   After school is a baby shower for one of our sweet librarians.   She's expecting a second baby girl.   We will be celebrating the retirement of another wonderful & oh-so-creative librarian.    I love getting together with my librarian girls.   Can I also admit they promised a treat since it's after school on a Friday afternoon?   Two words, friends, nacho bar.    Yum!

From Laura:

#1: My first fave is Arthur from feedly. I switched to feedly for reading blogs, and I am really liking it. It's a prettier way to read blogs than Google. When I contacted feedly about sharing subscription lists, I didn't expect to get into an email conversation, but that's what happened! Arthur wanted to know why I want to share my 100+ SLP blogs and why I read so many.

Yep, that's 140 SLP blogs. Did you know there are so many? I didn't! Not until Arthur asked me why I read so many!

My reply to Arthur was that I started out in 1993 when the only resources were catalogs. By mail. I'm overloaded on resources now! I just add a blog when I see it, and I guess I just kept adding! So since I have so many, I thought I could just share my list and SLPs could take it and customize it for themselves.

By the way, Arthur said one guy had 480 blogs on his feedly, so I have some catching up to do! Thanks to Arthur for great customer service!

#2: It was nice to come home to an app store update today:
There's just something about popping pigs!

From Lisa:
#1- Reading

Even though I love and will miss my kinder kiddos, I'm so ready for summer! I've already gotten into the bad habit of staying up to read. This ecard says it all!

#2 - Zumba
I went to Zumba tonight with some friends and loved it! Can't wait to start going weekly with them!

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  1. OMG, I am soooo glad I stopped in here today! I am just starting a new Speech blog and store, and Sonya Dehart's sale will be a great help in creating some new products. Thank you so much for the heads up!!!

    Wide World of Speech Therapy


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