Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: May 24

From Amy:
#1:  It was a red night at Taylor Swift concert on Tuesday night.  I took the world's greatest niece.   We screamed, we danced, we swayed, we sang.   Taylor did not use bad language, dance suggestively, or dress scantily, and yet sells out shows all over the world.   Taylor sang, danced, flew over the audience, played guitar, banjo & piano, laughed, and more than anything, entertained for over two hours .   Plus she managed double-digit costume changes in mere seconds.    We, the world's greatest niece and I, decided that Taylor Swift could be a Disney princess.   Fantastic show!

#2:   Every year our school has a reading at home program.   It's exciting to see the kids rewarded for their hard work.   The top ten readers, by minutes, get a huge bag of goodies for their reward.   It contains books, pencils, crayons, pencils, ice cream coupons, bubbles, sunglasses, etc.   It's great to see them excited when their names are called.

From Laura:
#1: My Origami Owl stuff finally came in!
First up is my family necklace with our birthstones.
 Next are some of the aqua charms and blingy locket. Excuse the blurriness.
 And here is my SLP necklace! Besides the letters, it has gears, the I Love You sign, the autism heart, a laptop, and red and white birthstones for my school's colors. I have lips on backorder.
Although I like the aqua charms jumbled, I wanted the SLP to stand out, so I found some glue dots for beads at Hobby Lobby and glued them onto the gears. The rest of the charms are not glued. They are glued in my family necklace because I liked the look better.

#2: Some of you are already out of school, but my last contract day is June 6. My district does have a four-day weekend, though!
From Lisa:
#1: A picture is worth a thousand words
I've been frantically working on my kiddos' memory books. Almost finished! Woo hoo! On Monday, my kids noticed that I had an envelope of pictures on my desk. As soon as one said, "Pictures!", I had all at my desk in no time. So we took a little brain break to look at the photos. There were a few classroom group pictures that are going in their memory books. The kiddos had more fun looking at them and were amazed at how much they've grown! I wish I had recorded their responses. There were also a few pictures of my family at my brother's wedding. Their comments were precious! Of course, their favorite picture was my mother. They love Mrs. B! I'm very lucky that my mom retired last year and is able to be my kiddos' favorite guest. After 38 years of teaching, I think she deserved it :)
#2: Classroom Carnival!
For the last day of school, I've decided to have a Kinder Classroom Carnival. I'm going to set up some simple carnival stations that I found at Walmart. Every game was under $5! I also found this adorable photo booth kit. I can't wait to use this. My kiddos will love it!

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