All Y'all Need on TpT: Superhero Spatial Concepts

I love working with my sister and cousin! I think of an idea for flashcards, Lisa gives me perspective on what works with her Kg-ers, and Amy does her magic and ties in the oral language with reading! This time, it's the all-important spatial concepts that so many of my language-disordered students struggle with. Here's the latest product from All Y'all Need:

                                            Source: via Laura on Pinterest
The pack comes with 20+ pages. There are 3 activities. The first is Seeing Spatial Superhero Terms and targets receptive language. Place the cards out in groups of 2 up to a whole pocket chart and ask students to find the card you describe.

The second activity Where is the Superhero?, is a matching game focusing on vocabulary. Students match illustrations to written words. The graphics are the same as in activity #1 but without the written words, so students are matching pictures and words.

The third activity is Superhero Signals. Students follow direction cards to learn spatial concepts. Nothing like getting up and moving around to make vocabulary terms stick!

My favorite activity that Amy cam up with is to laminate the cards, hole punch, and store on a book binder ring. Then, a teacher can grab the cards during bathroom breaks to review during wait time.

Take a look at the preview file here. Price is $3.50 on TpT.

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