All Y'all Need on TpT: Ask Away Animals and Christmas

All Y'all Need is proud to announce our two newest activities. One is designed to go along with animal units, and the other is just in time for Christmas!

The Animal Ask Away contains four gameboards: Funtastic Farm, Jumpin' Jungle and Rockin' Rainforest, Motion in the Ocean, and Zany Zoo for $3. There are 3 ways to play. My favorite is to trim the pages to fit into the Guess Who? game! Here's a preview.

The Christmas Ask Away includes 24 vocabulary words and a recommended book list. It's available for $1.
Here's a picture of how it looks in the Guess Who? game:
We hope that you can use these Ask Away Activities with your units!

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  1. Great Activities! What version of Guess Who do these cards fit into??

  2. The newest version. After printing out, just trim the top and bottom according to the directions and slide into the game!


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