More Lightbox Fun for SLPs!

Y'all. The Heidi Swapp Lightbox is just too fun! I've been playing around with it a little more to see how I could actually use it in therapy.
Sets used were: alphabet set (Welcome), alphabet set (Talk and Weather), emoji icons, and bright icons.

The Talk UR (heart) Out is just fun. Wouldn't it be great for Valentine's Day? 

The emoji set would be great for my middle-schoolers. I always struggle with age-appropriate activities for them. These could incorporate emotions with how they communicate - texting. Discussion topics could be - which "happy" emoji would you use and why? Which ones are appropriate for friends? Which ones are appropriate for your parents?

How about a weather board? There aren't many symbols, but the sun, cloud and umbrella cover most of our basic weather. Students then pick clapping hands if they like the weather OR turn the "thumbs up" sign to "thumbs down" to indicate the weather is yucky.

And lastly, I considered using the symbols to indicate rules in the therapy room. Lips for talking, heart in the speech bubble for kind words, peace sign for respect for others, boom! for praise, the globe for expending skills, and a heart to let students know they are loved.

If you get a lightbox, don't forget we have a freebie for you!

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