Why I Love Summer....

You might be waiting for me to say, "I love summer because I get to sleep in, go to the bathroom when I want, and travel." While those are MOST DEFINITELY TRUE, my favorite part of summer is that I get to reignite my passion for teaching and my kids.

Here's how I recharge my batteries:

Catch up on reading

I try to do all of my "teacher book" reading in the summer. I really want to devote my entire focus to digging into content and figuring out how I can use the content in my classroom to help my kids. So far, my favorite books have been Kids Deserve It! by Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney and Engaging Young Writers, Preschool - Grade 1 by Matt Glover. I'm currently co-hosting a book study with some coworkers via Facebook and I can't even begin to describe how inspired I have been by all of the ideas and passionate conversations happening.

Have meaningful conversations with passionate people

While in Vegas, I had dinner with some very dear friends, Greg and Jason from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, and two new acquaintances, Joyce and Eric from SitSpots. I honestly have to say, it was a dinner I will never forget. We talked about life, our passion for teaching, hard work and funny stories of "being in the trenches" of our classrooms. I also heard the story of how SitSpots came to be.

See the people my Mom calls "My internet friends." 😜

My cousin, Amy, and I just got back from the TPT conference in Anaheim, California. We had such  a blast connecting with old friends and making new ones. Every time I go to a conference, I come back energized and my passion for making a difference is reignited.

This summer, I've also spent some time catching up and working with Amy and Laura. I love this crazy journey of blogging, tpt, laughing, joking, social media-ing we are on together! I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! While summer may be winding down, I hope everyone has had a chance to rest, reflect, and recharge!

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