Freezer Meals: Martha Stewart's Salmon Cakes

                                                                         Source: via Laura on Pinterest
The Pin: While trying to find some freezer meals this summer, I came across this recipe for Salmon Cakes from Martha Stewart. In November, our brand-new HEB Plus! opened, and this land-locked girl decided to buy some fillets.

The Good: Fairly easy to make, recipe simple to follow. I used green onions instead of scallions and Tabasco as the "pick one" extra ingredient. The sauce is perfect. They kept well in the freezer.

The Bad: While my hubby and I enjoyed them, the kids refused to eat them. R said, "I'm just not a fish person". J said, "Mom, you make good things, but I just don't eat those". R ended up with soup-in-a-can, and J fixed the ever-present hot dog.

Summary: I probably won't make them again. Not because I don't want to, but because not everyone in my family eats them.

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