Freezer Meals: Dr Pepper Spaghetti

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                                              Source: via Laura on Pinterest

And yes, I realize there's not a . in my Dr Pepper. That's not a mistake. I went to Baylor in Waco, the home of Dr Pepper, and the trademark is one of the things I retained from my previous life of searching the AP Stylebook.

I found this recipe when I was searching for freezer meals on, of all places, Freezer Meals for Us. The Dr Pepper caught my eye because J & R love it, and we all love spaghetti.

The Good: Fairly easy to make, tasted good after being frozen and baked. I was a little worried about the Dr Pepper taste because it's not my favorite soda (give me Diet Coke!), but it wasn't overpowering. My kids were surprisingly hesitant to try a recipe that included Dr Pepper, but they ended up liking it. Jim really loved it!

The Bad: With a whole 12 oz. can of Dr Pepper in the sauce, I was afraid it would be too juicy, but the sauce gelled nicely while baking. Next time, I will use a smaller package of noodles to even everything out. I added a nice layer of HEB's Italian Blend Shredded Cheese while baking and topped with Parmesan cheese during the last few minutes of baking.

Summary: Easy to make, freezes well, family loves it. A keeper! 

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