Freezer Meals: All Sold-Out Chicken Pot Pies from Rebecca Rather

The Pin: 

Chicken Pot Pies from the Pastry Queen:

                                                                      Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Want the recipe? Go here.

The Good: Awesome, time-tested recipe. This was my first time to freeze it, and the pies froze and baked well. Jim and R will eat these. J is old enough to stop by Sonic on the way home from baseball practice.

The Bad: I'm not talking bad here, just a few personal preferences. I take out the red bell pepper because Jim doesn't like it. I add more chicken stock to the cream sauce because the pies are too firm for us. I also only use 8 oz. of cream cheese for the crust, and it turns out just fine. Why buy another brick of cream cheese just for 2 oz? And while I like the chicken pot pie at home, nothing beats the memories Tuesdays at the Rather Sweet Bakery in Fredericksburg, Texas for the original! Unfortunately, the cafe is closed now. Good thing for cookbooks!

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