Parties: Blessing Ceremony Cookies

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                                                                          Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Yes, very different, I know. R is attending a celebration for 8th-grade girls at church tonight, and I'm taking cookies. I found this very cute spiral cookie with sprinkles. But when I went to HEB, I found these beautiful blue sugar pearls from Wilton and thought they might be more appropriate. I was imagining a vanilla/chocolate swirl cookie with the pretty pearls instead of sprinkles on the outside.

But the pearls melt in the oven, so I had to find a Plan B. It involved a cookie recipe from King Arthur Flour, a chocolate cookie glaze from (the appropriately named) Laura's Sweet Spot, and the sugar pearls.

The Good: I love the cookie recipe. It's not very sweet, but it's a good base and very easy to work with in rolling it out and cutting out the cookies. I used a simple scalloped round cutter. The chocolate glaze was easy to make and use. I used a condiment bottle to squeeze out the glaze (tip here). I also used tweezers to place the sugar pearls. I couldn't find decorating tweezers at my HEB+, so yes, I bought a NEW cheap pair of cosmetic tweezers, washed them off and used them. Very helpful and easy.

The Bad: The chocolate glaze is difficult to clean out of the condiment bottle. That's it. I loved the recipe, the taste, and look.

Summary: I would use the cookie recipe and chocolate glaze recipe again. I have baked MANY cookies over the years, but these are the first ones I've decorated. At least since a few Christmas cookies here and there. 

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