It's Almost Here!

The SLP Facebook Frenzy, that is! TWENTY SLPs have teamed up to bring you some freebies to help you welcome in May!
Just click on this map. It will take you to a Google doc that will connect you with our FB pages.
You can start anywhere. Just click on the image, in our case, All Y'all Need. Then look for the SLP Frenzy tab and click on it:
Hopefully, you've already liked our page and will get this message:
If not, you will be prompted to click Like and then be able to download.

Here are a few tips from questions we have gotten from past frenzies:
1. We highly recommend going through the frenzy on computers. If you use phones or tablets, make sure you have the appropriate program for saving downloads.
2. We have tried very hard to make everything work for you. If there is a problem, let us know, and we will try to fix it quickly.
3. In some cases, you may need to click the sign above the flower to go to the next FB page rather than the flower itself.
4. The frenzy will end at 10 p.m. EST. We cannot extend the time or email the products later.
5. We have tried to set up our products to open in different windows, but you will still need to be aware of whether you need to hit the "back" or "close" buttons.
6. If someone is interested in a product after the frenzy, guide them to our Teachers pay Teachers stores. There will be previews available for the products we are featuring. Freebies are intended for frenzy participants only and are not intended to be shared later.

Happy frenzying and thanks for following us!

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