Thursday Therapy: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Want a flexible fairy-tale unit? Amy has been busy creating several, and this week, I've been using Goldilocks and The Three Bears with my younger Functional Academics class.
The FA class has 11 students, 1 teacher, and 3 parapros. Most of the students have either Downs Syndrome or are on the autism spectrum. And they are all Kg-2. I usually do a group activity and then, when they go to centers, work with them individually or in pairs for a few minutes each.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears seemed like a great idea to adapt for them. It's a fairy tale, has structure, a predictable pattern, and some familiarity. On the first day, each student had a character card which they held up when their word was read.
Then, each student got two cards, a fact and opinion, and had to match it up to The Three Bears or a real bear.

We reviewed the book on the second day and then decided if the card was a problem for Goldilocks or was "juuust riiiight".
The packet contains B&W cards so that each student can cut out the cards and paste them on, but I colored, laminated, and Sticky-Tac'd them to turn it into a group activity.

Thanks for taking a look! What did you do this week?

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