Talking About Books

You might realize we like to talk.   And talk.   And talk.   And talk.
One of our favorite subjects to talk about is books.
We could go on and on.
We want our students to talk about books, too.
Really, we do.

So we have a little fun way to encourage students to talk about what they have read.

Any flat surface will work for attaching your story element cards.
You can use a spinner.
We got ours from Amazon.
Or you can assign your kids a color to talk about.
You can customize what you want your kids to talk about.
We have choices for your talk boards.

Maybe you want them to talk about fairy tales.
You want them to identify the hero, of course.
But all they want to talk about the villain.
Personally, I like to discuss happy endings.
No problem...

But maybe you want the sweeties to talk about a fiction book.
You want to talk characters.
But they want to share about how the problem was solved.
Here you go...

And we know some sweeties will only talk about the facts.
Just the facts, Jack.
We have those sweeties covered, too.

But I don't mind noise.
Especially when the chatter is book talk.
So, we have another version.
You need a cheap, divided tray.
We got ours at a local dollar store.
And some bouncy balls.  Aha!   Now, you know why this is the noisy version.
The students bounce the balls into a section of the tray and discuss.
They can bounce and talk.
It is a win-win.

And if you like flowers and cannot get enough of them, we have this option for you.
Print what you like.
And, we would laminate.   Because we just like to laminate and cut and repeat.

And if you are in the mood to shop, now is the time cause it is the big sale on TpT!

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