The Frenzied SLPs, Thankful and Grateful!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Counting blessings, family time, less commercialism, great food, the fall colors - it's a winning combination for me!

One of the parts of my life I'm most grateful for is the connections I've made with The Frenzied SLPs. We are foregoing our usual linkies and running a blog hop.
 The Frenzied SLPs
By reading all the posts and gathering letters for the phrase, you have the opportunity to be one of three winners of a $10 TpT gift card and a $10 Starbucks card! Who wouldn't be grateful for that? Here's how to participate:
1) Read each Thankful and Grateful post.
2) Collect the letter/character at the end of each post. Write them down - they will spell out a phrase!
3) Enter the Rafflecopter on any post by entering the phrase.
4) Visit The Frenzied SLPs FB page for an additional entry.
5) Also visit our FB page to find out if you are a winner after 11/13/15!

I have TONS to be thankful and grateful for. For this post, I'm concentrating on my SLP life.

First, I'm thankful for opportunities. I owe this thinking to Gilmore Girls. While I can't find the exact episode right now, at one point in Season 3 or 4, Lorelei's dreams of opening her own inn are not working out, and instead of focusing on the negatives, she emphasizes the opportunities. So I try to think of things this way:
* Large caseload? More opportunities to make a difference in students'  communication
* The corresponding numbers of IEP meetings? More opportunities to work with parents and teachers.
* Home languages other than English and Spanish? More opportunities to learn about other languages and more opportunities to work with interpreting companies.
* More paperwork? Yeah, I haven't figured that opportunity out yet.

Second, a great space! I've worked with the same district for 23 years. While I've worked at several schools, I've always had my hand in the service of one particular school. A few years ago, my principal got maintenance to paint my little corner of the world. It makes me happy!
And finally, connections. 
* In my family. All Y'all Need is made up of my sister Amy and cousin Lisa (ALL=Amy, Laura, Lisa). It's given us a connection that I never could have imagined and made us closer.
* At my school, a principal who takes care of me; an AP who helps me schedule; a co-worker who is a bigger Wicked fan than me; a diag who helps me out; and all the teachers and staff who are supportive.
* In my online world, oh my - how did we exist before the Internet? I've met Sparklle SLP very briefly, and I've never met Mia from Putting Words in Your Mouth, but they have both made me a better SLP, along with Tracy from GoldCountrySLP, Lynda SLP123, and Kim from Activity Tailor. To all of The Frenzied SLPs, big hugs! And huge thanks to the The Elementary EntourageMrs. Dailey's Classroom and Mrs. Plemon's Kindergarten for organizing such a great group!

Here's the letter you're looking for:
For your next letter, head over to some friends I'm very thankful for - Twin Speech Language and Literacy!
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