Currently for December 2015

It's the second, so it's time for a Currently from Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Oh wait - that happens on the 1st. Fixer Upper's season premiere was last night, so this blog post didn't happen.

It's after school. The Christmas hits are turned up! Luckily, our district hasn't blocked Songza. May all your Christmases be white!

Secret Santa is in full gear here. It's a huge tradition of asking, lying, out-complimenting, and sneaking. I have no idea who mine is yet, but she gave me a Christmas CD and a two great ornaments, plus a Diet Coke!

Our district just made some changes in the speech/language department. For me, that meant adding part of a middle school caseload - but also getting a licensed assistant! I supervised her last year, so we already know each other. And this is allowing me to make a dent in my paperwork pile. I'm feeling pretty good right now, which means something big is probably coming down the pike...

Yep, I need a nap. I love naps. That is all.

We have 4 fake trees in our living room - Biblical story, Memories, Fancy, and Disney. My hubby likes the lights on the fake trees so he can concentrate on the outside lights. We are now the obnoxious neighbors with lights synched to music. Not constantly, though. We are thoughtful that way.

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