Smelly Smilies for Behavior Management

My students love smelly smilies.

Smelly? Yep. But the good smells, not the bad ones. You need a variety of fun-smelling lip gloss. That's it. Then behavior manage away! Just draw two eyes and a smile to make a happy face out of lip gloss - a smelly smilie!
Here's how I use smellies:
* students who finish the game or activity in the group get a smelly smilie for completing the task
* groups of students who talk a lot get reinforcement for finishing a group turn without talking
* students who participate when others don't get reinforcement to motivate others
* students who need more frequent reinforcement get one part of the smelly smilie at a time - work for a few minutes to get one eye, work some more to get the second eye, and complete the session to get the smile
* students in self-contained rooms get frequent reinforcement for attending to activities
* students in self-contained rooms work on requesting by choosing the scent they want

Most students love the smellies because they don't get them anywhere else. Smelly smilies are a cheap, motivating, and flexible reinforcer.

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