A Quick & Easy Way to Trick or Treat with Your Students

 Trick or Treating Lesson from All Y'all Need

Buy the big, cheap bag of variety candy.    Make sure you unwrap some candy.
Next, break a few pieces of candy and put the candy bits in your bag.
Also, leave some empty wrappers in the goodie pile.
It will make sense.
This is a trick and treating lesson.

State your 4 expectations:
#1 Give an appropriate greeting
#2 Say “trick or treat”
#3 Say “thank you”
#4 Do not eat your candy

Each student must greet you and say, “Trick or Treat” before you hand over a random piece of candy.
Or maybe a candy wrapper.
You hand them a piece of candy.  
They are not allowed to pick their own candy or grab from the sweet stash.
The response you are listening for begins with “Thank you”.
Thank you…..for the empty candy wrapper?
Thank you……for the candy that no one  in my family likes?
If there is no “thank you” expressed, feel free to take the candy back.
The kids sit with their candy until everyone has been tricked or treated.

Now, you can discuss trick or treating with your students.
Kids will express their opinions.
Especially if they only got an empty candy wrapper.
So, be ready.
I have kids stand up if they received a treat and ask them to explain.
“I love lollipops!”
I have kids stand up if they received a trick.   Sometimes the trick kids have to speak first.   They just have to tell you about it.
“Hey, all I got was an empty wrapper.   You already ate my candy.”

This is my effort to end drive-by trick or treating.
Good manners are always appropriate.
Safety is always stylish.
The kids are allowed to throw the candy away if they don’t like it.
The sweeties throw away the empty candy wrappers and broken pieces.
You teach why the sweeties should not eat the broken pieces.
You can remind them they don’t have to eat all the candy on Halloween night.

After the discussion, give half of the class a new piece of candy.
A partner will come to them to trick or treat following the same expectations.
Yes, students will remind you that some students have two pieces of candy.
At this point, you even everything up so that all students leave with only treats.

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  1. This will be a perfect addition to my social skills group! Love the idea. Manners are important!


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