Stop Writing In Your Books (a plea from your librarian)

I stopped saying, "Look in the card catalog for books about hamsters."
We have an online catalog for that. 
Or just ask me, the librarian.
I know where the cool hamster books are located in the library.

I almost never say, "Shhhhhh!"
Cause the swift-finger-to-lips gesture just does not work for me.
But sometimes I forget that it does not work for me, so I say it by accident.

I do not have to say, "Sign your name here".
Just scan your library card, please.

I have never been good with overdue books, so I just say, "please return your library books".
When you are done reading them, just bring them back to the library.
That's all.

But I still, for some mysterious and aggravating reason, am required to say,  
"Stop writing in your books!"

After twenty four years, so many things have completely changed in library land.
But kids still like to write in their library books.
And their teacher's books.
I just do not understand this.

It is a problem for me.

Sometimes kids write their name.
Sometimes kids just scribble away like a black-out is required on every page.
Often baby sisters and brothers get the blame.
I have seen the following writing utensils used in library books:
markers, pencils, ballpoint pens, dried-up makers, crayons, highlighters and milk.
Ok, maybe milk was just spilled in the book.
I instruct my cutie pies on the finer points of book care.

Then, I make them promise to take their of precious library books.
They sign their names to a special promise page.
I even let them use Mr. Sketch makers to sign their names.

If you share my problem, you might want to take a look at "I Can Take Care of Books".
Pictures from this product are featured in this blog post.

Open the book, but put the pen down.
Your librarian thanks you.

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