Week 1 Back to Speech & Language

Let's get this party started! Tomorrow is the first day of therapy for me and my licensed assistant!

We'll be discussing rules, reviewing objectives, and setting goals.
 Back to School by All Y'all Need. Activities for the first week of speech & language therapy.
The Speech Therapy Organizational Materials for a New Year by Sparklle SLP is just what I needed. Some of the many wonderful pages include About Me pages, which are perfect for starting the year with. There are also B&W foldables. I love that these will be functional for the students AND will be something that won't sit in the backpack. They are eye-catching, and parents will be pulling these out and knowing that their children have started services.

Our school's theme is Rock Stars. Students will personalize these sticker charts.

For the second part of the week, we'll get into more lessons. Back to School for Speech & Language Therapy for Younger Elementary has vocabulary and sorting activities for our self-contained students. There's also a B&W homework page. Yay for more school-to-home communication!

The pack for older students has informational texts to address Wh- questions (what, when, where, who, why, and how) AND sentence frames.

Whew! I think we'll have a great Back to Speech & Language week!

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