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Over the past four years, I have been fortunate enough to work for school districts that believe in the benefits of ESGI. I can tell you from experience that it truly does save you HOURS of testing, grading, and data-ing! (That should totally be a word, right?)

Here's How it Works:

  • Sign up for the ESGI 60 day trial (use the code B7165)
  • Add your students 
  • Choose your assessments 
  • Start testing
  • View/analyze reports
  • Send home a customized parent note and flashcards 

My favorite aspects of ESGI: 

I can finish all of my testing in half the time.

I can customize my parent letter to make it fit my classroom needs.

ESGI has a Spanish translation option for my ESL students. (Spanish version of parent letter and flashcards is also an option!)

I can choose from over 200 tests that are created by other teachers and are aligned to my state standards.

I can create my own tests that fit my student needs. (You can also share the tests you've created with other teachers in your district!)

I can easily schedule parent conferences. Just use the parent conference tab to plug in your conference times and it automates a schedule, letter to send home with each student, and reminder.

I can track growth throughout the year using ESGI graphs.

I can easily print student or class totals reports for data meetings. (Your "data loving administrators" will also love the fact that they can create an account for free to view reports)


The first 60 days are FREE! Just sign up for the 60 day trial!
After you have fallen in love with this assessment tool, the usual yearly subscription fee is $199.
But, I have a code that will make this product $159 instead!
Just enter the code: B7165 to save $40

Sign up for the free trial! You won't regret it!

Have a great school year!

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