5 Things You NEED in Your Therapy Room (but probably don't have)

You've set up your therapy room. There are rolls of stickers, decks of cards, shelves of games, and a 3-foot stack of IEPs to address. Everything is ready to go, right? Not so fast. I have a few items that you seriously absolutely NEED to make your SLP life easier.

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1. Tim Holtz Scissors

You have scissors. Maybe even a couple of pairs, one for regular cutting and one for cutting Velcro. If one of those pairs isn't Tim Holtz Scissors, you need a third pair! They have an easier grip than regular scissors, the blades are shorter for more precise cutting, and they slice through lamination like nobody's business! If you cut for visuals - I have several students who need them - these scissors will cut your prep time, and who doesn't like that? Plus, they're eligible for Amazon Prime. And they will probably replace your first pair of scissors.

Tonic Studios Tim Holtz 819 Titanium Kush Grip Non-Stick Micro Serrated Shears

2. Sit Spots

Sit Spots are colorful little markers that stick to the carpet. They are fun and students love them! I've used them to work on sitting on the floor and respecting social boundaries as well as following directions (stand on the orange star and hop to the green star). I've hidden small artic pictures under them. 

Sit Spots stick to the carpet and the school custodian can vacuum right over them! How cool is that? You can use them practically, the students love them, and the custodian doesn't have to pick them up off the floor!

3. Mighty Magnets

Mighty Magnets are small and oh-so-strong. I've bought bigger cheaper magnets and thrown them all away. Mighty Magnets hold up visuals and emergency plans. They are small, so if they pop off, it's easy to lose them. Just wave a magnetic wand around, and you'll find them! Mighty Magnets are also great for teaching. Students (and I have to admit me, too) are amazed at how quickly they pop together with a neat clicking noise from several inches apart.

Mighties Magnets - 16 pack

4. Mavalus Tape

OK, I admit it, I was skeptical when Amy and Lisa called this "magic tape" in a respectful and amazed tone. Turns out I should NEVER EVER question them. Mavalus tape is everything. It sticks to cinder blocks, doesn't affect paint, and holds a LOT of weight. Yeah, you can use the blue painter's tape for cheaper. But the blue shows through white paper and doesn't always hold up all year. Just go for it. Get the "magic tape!"

School Specialty Removable Poster Tape - White

5. IKEA Dollar Frames

IKEA has these great cheap, two-sided frames. Just slip the pictures inside the plastic covers, and you can rotate the frame depending on your mood! AND they are only 99 cents, so you can stock up. I used one of my favorite prints from Humorous Signs for SLPs: Smaller Version


The year I was supervising a CF after several years off, I decided to get more organized. After looking up some information, it seemed backwards to me that my state required more paperwork for an intern than ASHA did. I looked at ASHA's forms. They didn't have to be filled out along the CF journey, just at the end of the segments. And when were those? How was I supposed to keep up?

The results of my questions are the Editable Organizational Binders for The ASHA Clinical Fellowship in B&W and Color. The notebooks include the segment dates, skills, meeting logs, and more. Don't wait until the end of the segment to go back and find the information you need - keep up as you go along!
 Editable Organizational Binder for the ASHA Clinical Fellowship by All Y'all Need

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