#The3HChallenge for the 2016-17 School Year

I need help with prioritizing this year. Anyone else? I'm giving myself a challenge, and I'd love it if you joined! It's called #The3HChallenge.
The first "H" is Have To. It's easy to want to avoid the one big thing I have to do but don't want to and procrastinate leaving nothing accomplished. I've written in my "have to's". I'll go into more depth as the challenge progresses. In general, these items are things I procrastinate about doing. But when I complete an item, woo-hoo! I feel like a superhero!

And since I did something hard, the second "H" is Happy To. Completion of the hard task earns a treat. These are all items I enjoy doing at work.

The third "H" is Hello To. At the end of the day, it's good to say "hello" to someone to build relationships. It can't be before the Have To because that just leads to procrastination. Save Hello To for the end.

Lisa made this awesome graphic! Here's a blank copy for you to use.
To use, print it out and put it in a dry-erase pocket. Or, save it on your desktop and use a picture editor to fill in the spaces. I used Picmonkey in the first picture.

Look for more on our Instagram account starting Monday, August 29!

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