Speech Therapy: How Did You Use Your Subway Art?

This past week was a whirlwind, and although I've been out of school for less than a week, it seems like forever. Because I've been gone, I don't have any lesson plans to share this week. Instead, I'm showing you how I used my subway art.

By the way, I don't know why it's called subway art. I guess it's really word art. Eighteen25 calls it subway art, and so I shamelessly copied their term because I love eighteen25. If you know the definition of the term, please enlighten me. I live in Central Texas, not exactly the bastion of subways, but I have received a few comments along the lines of: "Why is it called subway art? I've never seen that on subways!" 

I printed the warm colors on cardstock and placed in a spray-painted IKEA frame. Then, I put it on an empty space on my desk. I like it here because it's a happy thing to look at when I'm making phone calls. Here's a blurry picture of the desk. I will never master iPhone and iPad cameras.

There are also primary and black-and-white versions just for SLPs at All Y'all Need

I was so surprised and flattered one day to find that Nicole Allison from Speech Peeps used her print-outs on a bulletin board. Take a look at her gorgeous room!

Have you used the subway art? How? Share pictures or comments!

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  1. Is the subway art y available on your TPT site? It's down tonight, but I'm going to look in the morning. I love your blog and themed units. I think I'll buy the old lady who swallowed a pie unit tomorrow. :)
    Im a SLP in Kentucky and Have loved reading speeh blogs!!

  2. Thanks, Lindsey! The subway art is at our store, All Y'all Need. We have 3 pages of products. All of the SLP art is free, and you can click on the "free" button to find them!

  3. I LOVE subway art, especially speech-y related ones! These now cutely sit on my desk at home in their own frames-they're not overpowering, but they're good representations of what I love! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Let's Talk Speech Therapy

  4. I have used some of your subway art on my bulletin board as well. Some of the other SLP's in my district have complimented me on it !! Thanks to you!

  5. I have used it on my bulletin board. It is a good conversation starter for my older kids to show them ALL the things we work on in "speech". I have also received compliments from other SLP's. Thanks to you!

  6. You're welcome - glad you could use it!


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