Speech Therapy: Week 2 Plans

                                                            Source: teacherspayteachers.com via Laura on Pinterest

                                       Source: teacherspayteachers.com via Laura on Pinterest

My district just finished up the first week with students, and I hope I have found all the new enrollees! Most of my new speech/language students have come from other schools in the district, which makes things easier.

I have to add something to the first week plans - filling out paperwork for schools. I don't know why we can't do that during in-service days before school. District paperwork I had to complete included United Way, Employee Handbook, and emergency contacts for school and Sp. Ed. I know I'm whining and it doesn't seem like that much, but both my Sp. Ed. department and school like to have a copy of everything, so it's twice the time. And throw this on top of what I have to do as an SLP, and yeah, I'm pretty pitiful. It really isn't that much, just kind of a pain.

Moving on...

Here are my plans for Week 2, the first week groups will come. My groups usually come on M-W or T-Th. I am supervising a CFY, and she is coming on T/Th. On Friday, I see walk-ups and do make-up sessions.

Labor Day

Morning duty
See first groups
Explain rules
Decorate behavior charts
Talk about last year/this year - goals and objectives
Read How I Spent My Summer Vacation if time

Same plan but without CFY


See walk-ups - same plans as above but adapted to 4-year-olds

What are your plans? What do you do with your students the first week of therapy?

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