Speech Therapy: Week 3 Plans

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Well, it's the middle of Week 2, and I am still using those plans. Most students have been excited about the new sticker charts. How I Spent My Summer Vacation has been a hit. I have learned to be careful about asking about summer vacation. Most students did the typical summer things, but a 4th-grade boy told my CFY, "I reached puberty". She moved on to the next activity quickly! The other thing I have learned is that hardly anyone knows what the prairie dog is. There's a picture on the last page. I guess there aren't too many of the critters here in Central Texas.

For Week 3, my librarian sister suggested The Secret Shortcut by Mark Teague as a good follow-up to How I Spent My Summer Vacation. The book is about two boys who just can't seem to get to school on time, and the imagination is similar in both books. I've made a unit, and you can find it at All Y'all Need on TpT by clicking here. It's $3 for activities targeting semantics and syntax and morphology along with an open-ended game.

Several of my 3rd-5th students only come once a week, and I always struggle with what to do with those groups. It's hard to do book units because some students miss out on some parts. How do you handle this?

For PK and Functional Academics, I'll probably use the same book but try to find a LINCS activity instead of the game or sentences. I really like how easy the supplies are to gather, plus the LINCS books contain a page that can be copied and sent home to parents. I usually try to include some artic or vocabulary words.

How's your school year going? What have you used that's been a success?

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  1. I'm finishing up my second week and just finalized my schedule today. I can't wait to hear what my students have done over the summer. I also have a very hard time with 1x-a-week-ers. Usually I try to do a game or activity that can be wrapped up in one session.

    This year I have 1 student whose mandated for tx 3x/week. That should be interesting. Congrats to the 4th grade boy who reached puberty over the summer! lol!


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