Manic Monday: A Christmas Colors Book for Life Skills

I am serving a Life Skills class this year for the first time in many years. That means my materials were either donated to other SLPs or are oudated. One item I did keep was a booklet I made called The Colors of Thanksgiving. I liked it so well, I made a Colors of Christmas and will probably make these booklets into the winter and spring as well.

My previous Life Skills class was working on identifying colors, so that was the purpose of the book. Most of the students in this class can identify colors, but they need work on answering yes/no and same/different. Here's the book:

Hard to see the this page, huh? It's hard to capture color-on-color well. I will tell you there's a mistake. I wrote "ornament" but put on a die cut of Santa, so I will fix that. The Santa and bow are Velcroe'd on. At the beginning of this activity, I give each student a shape, and they have to put the shape on the Velcro dot when it's their color. Usually, they don't respond that they have the bow, so that leads to "who" questions - "Who has the bow?" or "Who has red?" And if the student with the yellow star volunteers, I let them put it on and ask questions like, "Is this red?" or "Is this the same or different?"

Here's the rest of the book:

Okay, teddy bear might be stretching it for a Christmas word, but I needed something brown!

To make the book, cut red, green, yellow, white, and brown construction paper into two strips for each color, 6 inches tall by 10 inches wide.

Use the same colors to cut out two die-cut shapes for each color. I'm lucky that my school has a pretty good collection of die cuts.

Print out the text.

Glue the title onto the first red strip and turn over. Glue text on. Then glue a red strip to the green strip so they are back-to-back. Keep repeating the gluing so that the pages open up with the same color facing. 

Laminate strips and shapes and cut out.

Velcro shapes to the color strip. Punch holes in the side and attach 2 small binder rings.

Merry Christmas!

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