We love Christmas and New Years!

We honor Christmas because our personal savior, Jesus Christ was born for the world's perfect sacrifice.   We love Christmas, the greatest day of love.    We all love the Christmas carols, the glitter, the trees, the lights, the sparkle, the sappy Christmas TV shows, the gifting, the parties, the hot chocolate, the time off from work and our time with family.  Oh, and the cookies!   How could we forget the cookies????

Amy's love language is gifts, so she loves to buy gifts for everyone.   It was fun for her to do a little RACKing.   Random Acts of Christmas Kindness included:  leaving a gift for a waitress, covering lunch duty for a friend, tipping extra at the Sonic, and donating books to kids in protective services.

Laura and her family love, love, love DisneyWorld.   So, they are celebrating Christmas with Mickey and Minnie Mouse this year.   Amy and Lisa are jealous they will be experiencing Be Our Guest at Belle's Castle in Princessland.    I mean, how fun does that sound?????   Belle is Laura's favorite, so we really are happy she gets to be at Disney with her fun family.   We hope to see lots of photos!

Lisa is our decorator.   She has the touch to make everything so beautiful, so oh-la-la!   So, she decorated many Christmas trees this season!    She kept us entertained with adventures of Barry and Larry, her naughty Elves on a Shelf.   And, Lisa is a great shopper, too.   She picks out the best gifts for her friends and family.

We thank you for reading the blog and sharing your ideas and thoughts on your own blogs.  
Merry Christmas!
We wish you a 2014 filled with blessings,
Amy, Laura and Lisa

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